Pedestrian Control and Monitoring

Pedestrain turnstiles available in full height and half height as well as internal and external models. These are the ideal solution to provide security, control and monitoring of persons entering and exiting a secure area. By design a turnstile only permits the passage of a single person per controlled access therefore when coupled to an access control system with hard anti-passback a absolute account of all persons present on site can be derived at any time. This makes turnstiles essential for control at high risk sites which require accurate roll call and mustering as well as factory sites where an accurate time in attendance record is required.

As well as full height and waist height units, the turnstiles can be manufactured in a variety of materials and finishes  from basic mild steel with galvanised or pvc coated finishes through to stainless steel and glass construction to suit specific environments to architectural requirements.

External units available with canopy’s, illumination and disabled access pass gates.