Automatic Rising Arm Barriers

Providing the ultimate in perimeter traffic flow and control, from 3-12 metres clear opening operating times from 2 up to 25 seconds.

Automatic Barriers are a highly effective, high speed method of traffic control. They are used in a range of applications from car park entrances and residential areas to commercial premises and industrial applications.

Barriers available with simple plain booms, lower hanging skirt to prevent ingress of pedestrians beneath the boom and full height skirt for higher security applications. Options include a range of boom mounted warning signs and LED marker lamps.

All Barriers can be integrated to any commercially available control methodologies from simple remote control handheld fobs through to PC linked access control and biometrics.

Safety comes as standard, with all our systems designed to comply or exceed current British Standards and HSE Directives.

For lower usage applications we also provide a range of manual barriers with boom lengths from 3 to 8 metres and locking tip supports

Got no mains supply but have an application for a small traffic barrier? We have a range of barriers from 3 to 4 metres which can be powered by a solar panel coupled to a battery back up.